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Aqua Brothers Services is Rochester’s #1 underwater repair company with certified staff that has certified divers that specialize in pool repairs. Your pool’s liner is a sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure and is meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool. Vinyl liner not only extends your pool’s life by protecting its structure, it also adds a unique touch to your pool Vinyl liners are expensive and are not easily replaceable so it’s a good idea to keep some vinyl liner repair supplies on hand, and fix the minor nips, cuts, wear and tear. One of the major issues pool owners face with vinyl liners is cuts and leaks. Vinyl liners tend to lose their resiliency with time and endless exposure to sun and harsh weather as a result of which they start to tear. No worries, this is a common problem and can be easily fixed with high quality vinyl liner repair patches and sealants.

If a replacement liner is deemed necessary, Aqua Brothers Services has a wide array of liner choices.
Like all products, pool liners will wear out over time. Sunlight, freeze-thaw cycles, and years of water chemistry eventually take their toll on vinyl pool liners. A pool owner can expect their pool liner to last between 15-20 years. Of course, pool liners that are thin and poorly constructed will develop leaks and other problems much faster than liners that are of better quality. When pool owners notice that their pool is losing water—or in some cases is completely empty—or if the liner is faded or beginning to pull away from the pool’s coping, they will often contact us for help with a liner change or liner repair. If this happens, we are happy to work with them quickly, and install a new in-ground or above ground pool liner that is durable and can withstand the harsher weather conditions that we often get in New York.